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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Migration to Northern California

We arrived in Trinidad 6 days ago and still adjusting to the change. We chose to box our belongings and marked them carefully with "Fragile" if they contained something like glass or woodcarvings. However,we noticed that all boxes were treated the same and it apparently didn't matter if they were fragile or not. We were fortunate to have neighbors who have been through the moving process and were empathetic enough to bring us food and invite us for dinner during the last couple of days of our move. We were just getting to know our new neighbors Bill and Sue and will miss them and our friends Bryan and Kelli and their beautiful boy Corey. Of course we will also miss the other people who we came to know during our 5 year adventure on the East Fork of the Lewis River.

On the last day while our household was being moved onto the moving van we cleaned each room and stayed up late that night to complete the cleaning process. The house looked so much larger with everything gone. We didn't sleep well that night in our sleeping bags and I woke up at 4:00 AM and took my last shower in our Chalet. Then I began the task of loading my truck in the dark at ambient temperatures of 27 degrees F with the things that we would need at our "vacation" home.
Kimberley got out of bed and waxed the floors then made certain that we didn't leave anything behind.

Our bewildered cats seemed to handle the roadtrip pretty well but Muir layed low most of the way under the back seat full of boxes. The trip took us a little less than 8 hours and we arrived at our rental home in Trinidad at 4:00 PM greeted with a beautiful sunset over the Pacific ocean.

We had many tasks to take care of in the ensuing days ahead and now with most completed I am finally sitting down to write my first blog since Christmas. One of the first things on our agenda was to explore our beautiful surroundings and so we walked the trails at Trinidad State Park which is within walking distance of our home. The weather was clear, sunny and in the mid 60's and the Ocean was spectacular.
I look forward to setting up my camera trap to see what may be lurking in our woods surrounding the house.
We both look forward to new challenges and continuing adventures in Northern California.


Camera Trap Codger said...

Congratulations on the migration south. Sounds like you are settling in. Nothing like exploring new terrain. Keep an eye for mountain beavers and red tree mice, okay?

Owlman said...

Hey Codger
My eyes are wide open and anything that moves will catch them.
I'm always on the lookout fer those Mountain Beavers man.

cliff said...

Glad the move went well and the pics look like a warmer country.

Did you get out before the flood? Another snow hit us today, I'm can't wait for spring and maybe some sunshine.

Keep the Mountain beavers for yourself, Codger can find his own. I'm still looking.

Owlman said...

Cliff so far the weather has been relatively warm here with mostly sun and mid 50"s to 60's.
No flooding at our place but the river was up and moved some rocks around. I don't think you will find any "Mountain" Beavers aka Aplodontia where you are.