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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

This is the most beautiful Christmas one could dream or hope for. Our Quadrafire wood stove is keeping our chalet in the woods warm and cozy. I went out earlier and split some wood that our new neighbors and now great friends gave us earlier in the year when they cleared their property for a home. Although we are in the midst of preparation for our move to California, today we will just relax and enjoy the ambiance and joy of the season. I walked out to the river and took these photos to share with all of you and especially my Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. When I was standing in the shallow edge of the river a Kingfisher's rattling voice reverberated in the canyon and I watched it fly upstream and land on a snow covered branch sending a waterfall of snow tumbling to the ground.The rocks in the river above the water line are covered with snow and the water is crystal clear.

The temperature has warmed to 3 degree's above freezing. As a result large snow bombs are dropping here and there from the trees some breaking into smaller pieces as they hit branches on their way to the ground. Even limbs are falling now and then from the weight of the snow.
This is truely a winter wonderland.

We are fortunate to be here at this moment in time to experience such a glorious white Christmas.
Merry Christmas to all of our children and those we sponser through the "Christian Children's Fund.

Now it's time to enjoy the company of my wife and two cats and warm up in front of the fire.


CCF Blogger said...

Thanks for mentioning us at the Christian Children's Fund. It's always great to see the connection between sponsors and children unfolding before our eyes. We hope you had a very Happy Holiday!

Owlman said...

Happy New Year to you also. My wife was excited by the fact that you found my blog and wants you know that she wishes you success with CCF in 2009.