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Monday, July 16, 2007

Reflections on the river

This beautiful evening sitting on my bench above the river I see reflections of tall Douglas firs straight as poles lining the opposite bank and clearly reflected as a sureal painting on the moving surface of the water. The trees and their reflection are mesmerizing and my mind tuned to reflect on the past. I've noticed that as I grow older there is a sense of urgency to record my thoughts and philosophy of the "river" of life.
Like a river, life provides opportunities and many forks which as Yogi Berra has suggested I have always taken . All of the choices I made have inevitably led me to where I am today. My only regret is that there wasn't a shorcut because the river of life was rough at times and even capsized me more than once. I am convinced that each event or period in our life must occur before we meet the one, the only one.

That's the person who comes into your life and changes it for ever for the better. A real friend who accepts you for who you are unconditionally. I found that person 19 years ago but didn't realize it until a couple of years later. This year we will celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary but to me it has been a lifetime with my best friend and sweet wife.

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