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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sights and sounds by the river

This evening while sitting on our bench above the river I enjoy watching Cedar Waxwings as they fly out from their Alder perches to catch insects on the wing. I marvel at their striking yellow tail tips and glossy "wax-like" brilliant red tips on their flight feathers. They remind me of flycatcher's in a hurry and their descent as graceful as a butterfly. The river has voices like a crowd of people in the distance softened by smooth extemporaneous jazz. This moment interrupted by the distant sound of a loud motorcycle on the road above. I feel fortunate to have the ability to see and hear the marvelous wonders of nature and would have great difficulty if I had to chose between losing one or the other. Hegman wrote: "Sound always ends in silence, but silence never ends". It would be a grim life without the sound of birds singing, water rushing over rocks, smooth jazz or my wife's sweet voice saying "I love you". On the other hand without vision I would have never experienced the sight of her beautiful face, the sun going down on the Colorado river, the amazing heart-shaped face of the Barn owl or the smile on a childs face. My thoughts are interrupted by a Great blue heron flying low above the waters surface as the sun slowly disappears below the horizon leaving behind a golden glow on the river rocks. The rattling sound of a Kingfisher and the mellow coo of a Mourning dove reminds me that I am privileged to have both sight and hearing and would rather give up a limb or two instead. Now as I prepare to walk my path to the house a coolness fills the air and the Canary reed grass glowing in the sunset dances to the tune of the river's wind.

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