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Friday, March 13, 2009

Trinidad State Park Trails

Another beautiful day drew me back on the Trinidad State Park Trails which are within walking distance from our rental. The veiws from the numerous outlooks are some of the most beautiful anywhere in the world in my opinion. Today the sea is relatively calm and there are a few people down on the beach with their dogs enjoying this lovely day.
People bring their dogs on the trail and allow them to run loose and mark their territory. I don't mind dogs without a leash unless they chase wildlife, jump up on me with their muddy paws or go after another dog who is on a leash.

A young lady named Sally on a beautiful horse trotted by so I asked her if she would mind me taking a photo.

I met some college age guys who had been fishing off the rocks below and they proudly showed me their catch of a half dozen small "Rock" fish.
I'm dying to go give it a try but my fishing gear is in storage.
I get my kick just exploring this wonderful place on the Pacific Coast.
Looking south at Trinidad Head


Sierra said...

Love your writing Terry. Can't wait to see that article about the homeless youths in Arcata!

Keep doing what you love!

metasequoia said...

Great news about the house, Terry! Too bad I'll never get to photograph your extraordinary patch of Trilliums. Keep up the good work with your Blog.