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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gray Jays at Patrick's Point State Park

Click on the above photo to enlarge.

Yesterday we hiked the trails in Patrick's Pt. State Park on a beautiful afternoon. The highlight of the day was getting close looks at Gray Jay's that were active in the park. These are birds that we have seen at higher elevations previously and today we counted more than a dozen along the road leading to agate beach. They were extremely tame as they flew to within a few feet allowing me to take photos with my 55 mm lens.

We hiked to the top of Ceremonial Rock and enjoyed another spectacular view of Agate beach all the way to the Big Lagoon.


cliff said...

I worked in the woods for years and we called them "camp robbers", very friendly birds that we would feed out our hands. Never did learn much about them and never did find a nest.


Owlman said...

This subspecies formally had the common name "Oregon Jay" and is famous for it's camp robbing habit with much anecdotal literature documenting it's tame behavior.