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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Finding old friends

This week my friend Rich Tenaza a professor for over 30 years at University of Pacific asked me if I would be interested in a S.F.State University Biology Dept. reunion. Of course I said, well actually I said "Does a bear shit in the woods"? Since then I have been motivated to find people that I remember who touched my life in a special way. One of the first persons I found was a good friend that I unfortunately lost touch with over the years. We worked together on a project for a class in Parasitology in the middle 60's. I found him easily on the internet and then asked myself 'why did it take me so long"? His response was "Wow is this really you"? He is now Dr.Jay Narayan who had a very distinguised career in the field of Laboratory Clinical Sciences and Retired recently as Director of Clinical Laboratory, Pathology, Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Oncology at Seton Medical Center. I always knew that Jay would be a highly successful individual as he was highly motivated as a student. In retrospect I seemed to form friendships with people who became very successfull in their lives. The next person I found was Larry Penny who worked with me on another laboratory project in a Cell Physiology class taught by a young Dr.George Araki in the 60's. Most people who have been successful are easy to find these days and I found Larry on the first try. Larry stated that he had thought of Rich and I often and was excited about seeing us again. He is the "Director of Natural Resources for a township in S.E.N.Y., East Hampton including the eastern tip of Long Island at Montauk. There are many more former classmates to locate but I must admit that I don't remember all of their names.
I do however look forward to seeing them again and perhaps that will jog my memory.
I doubt if many of them will recognize me because there have been some changes over the years.

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