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Friday, September 7, 2007

Nature in High definition

My wife purchased a new HDTV for our anniversary last month. Prior to that I had recalled to her of my experience while shopping at Sears when I happened to walk through the TV display area and was stopped in my tracks by a nature video. I was mesmerized by the color and precise definition. For the first time on TV I could clearly see the fine vibrissae on wild cats, the pollen on the stamen of flowers, the scales on reptiles and even the setae on tiny insects or as they say "the hair on a gnats ass". I stood in front of the screen for what seemed like an eternity until my concentration was abruptly interrupted by a salesman who barked "have you ever seen anything clearer than that picture? Uh no I've never seen anything like it before I replied.
From that day on I thought perhaps one day I'll get one of those TV's but never expected my wife to buy one so soon. We called our satellite company to schedule a hook up for HDTV service. We live in the woods surrounded by giant cottonwoods, big leaf maples, Douglas fir, Cedar, etc.. The TV technician took some readings in the sky with his compass and told me that several trees were in the line of sight and unless they were removed there would be no HDTV service at our home. I thought to myself surely he must be wrong because we get regular TV with no problem. He explained that the satellites which transmit HDTV are several and a much larger window in the sky is required. I must admit that the news was very disappointing but my initial response was there is no way that I'm going to cut any trees down on my property.
After all it was the trees that attracted us to this little piece of paradise in the first place. The TV guy said he understood because his wife wouldn't let him cut any trees down at their place so he didn't have HDTV either. In parting he looked around and noted "you have your own high definition all around you". I responded by saying yes that is for certain but his compassion didn't help the fact that I would not get to watch the Animal planet in HDTV.
As I type this blog looking out my window I do see nature in high definition. There before my eyes are moss covered trunks and branches on Big leaf Maples, their leaves turning gold and some beginning to fall gracefully to the ground. Dozens of migrating birds moving about in the tree canopy requiring binoculars to distinguish their identity. Chickadees, warblers, robins, thrushes, woodpeckers too. The sky is gray overcast today and winter in not far away.
President Bush has opened the door for more logging roads in the Tongass National Forest in S.E.Alaska More important things to be concerned about than HDTV.

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